Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mama Told Me (Not to Come)

1) This song is about a lad who didn't take his mother's advice and attended the wild party anyway. When you were young, did your parents approve of your friends? If you're a parent yourself, how have you handled it when your kids start hanging around with friends you're not crazy about?

No, my parents didn't approve of them all. In fact it was my mother. But she objected against everything. The boy was too short, the boy had an uncle who.... She was afraid I couldn't assist her in the house anymore.

I have dealt with a friend of one of the girls I didn't like to get a more permanent place in het life. I asked him to come over and when she said "no", I asked her why. I just made her think without saying anything nasty.
Just to be able to see him from a different angle and to see her future behind tomorrow changed enough to make her tell him to come back when she would be still single at 30.

2) A 2010 poll named Marge Simpson of The Simpsons the most popular TV mom of all time. Who is your favorite TV (or movie) mother?

Mother Walton. LOL! She had a large family, could deal with all those changes of plans and people dropping in just like that. She never got angry with the kids, or I didn't see those parts, and she had a nice smile.
Last year I discovered Mamy on the BBC. I hope I wrote this right. She's my all time favorite. LOL!

3) Crazy Sam's mother is a big fan of The National Enquirer. As she likes to say, "They were right about John Edwards!" Do you read the tabloids? Cast a guilty glance at them when you're in line at the store? Or ignore them altogether?

I ignore them... or rather, they hardly pop up in my life, and the ones I saw in hospital in the waitingrooms were too old.

4) Mother Winters always gave Sam peppermint tea to calm her stomach. Do you have any tried-and-true home remedies to share?

Not really, tea will do.

5) Thinking of guts ... When making decisions, do you tend to consider all the options carefully or do you "go with your gut"?

Both, if possible. I try to consider the options, but if necessary I make an immediate decision and deal with the consequences.

6) Spring is here! Do you have a green thumb?

Yep, but need more green time.

7) Have you put away your winter clothes yet?

Right in the middle of it.
But oh, what did we have a long winter and how grey and terrible it is now.

8) After you lather and rinse, do you repeat?


9) To celebrate Mother's Day, Sam is giving away Hershey bars. Would you prefer classic milk chocolate, dark chocolate or milk chocolate with almonds?

Good milk chocolate.

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