Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Like a vacation

Last week the girls had a vacation from school.
This week is broken with festive days, resulting in free too, that we feel like it's an extended vacation.

The feeling is complicated with the fact that one of the girls is preparing for her final exams.
She only needs to be at school in the schooldays.
And we try to be as cheerful as possible, not to give stress a definitive place at home.
She needs to come home and find it a relaxing place.

So it's kind of strange.. again.
The years in a row I've got kids do their final exams.
It's the last year this time.

The next group of years that kids have exams will be when the kids finish their next level of education.

It's kind of surprising how fast time goes.
In my mind I held them in my arms yesterday and already we're talking about moving to another town, future plans to move, what the requirements are to move to another town and even another country.

My plans for the future to move to my roots are complicated by the new plans of the British government.
Strange they allow pensioners to move to another country which has no special requirements and ask from me to be beneficial to society, otherwise they won't let me in.
Well, I don't plan to sit somewhere on a rock with my arms aside me to support my poor back.
I want to do whatever I can to make a living, so..... come ans ask me in....NOW!!!!
:) :) :)

Well, after the kids have landed somewhere secure and have stabilised their future well enough.
I still have a task, even though it´s getting smaller and smaller.


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