Saturday, May 18, 2013

Greased Lightnin'

1) Greased Lightnin' was the name of a car. Have you ever given your car a name?

Never had a car for myself, so it sure didn't have a name.
How easy it is to think everyone has a car.....

2) Could your vehicle use a trip to the car wash this weekend?

They don't accept bicycles.

3) This song is from the soundtrack of the movie Grease, the biggest money-making movie musical of all time. Have you ever seen it?

Yes, I did.
several times, because when I had outgrown it, one of my kids took an interest.

4) John Travolta's astrological sign is Aquarius. What's yours?

The same.

5) In addition to being John Travolta's birthplace, Englewood, New Jersey, played a significant role in telecommunications history. In 1951, Englewood's mayor made the first-ever direct dial long-distance call in the United States. Now it's your turn. Tell us something about your birthplace.

My birthplace was a frontcity in WW2.
The bridge provided the only means to travel from north to south and vise versa.
The English together with people from the resistance crossed the river by boat and now at that very same place a new bridge is built.

6) Travolta is an excellent dancer. How are you on the dance floor?

Well, age is taking it's toll, but I was at least as good as he was.
Seems strange to say, but I was.

7) Grease is an upbeat musical about the students of Rydell High. Another Travolta movie is Carrie, which features the worst prom night imaginable. Grease or Carrie -- which is closer to your high school experience?

I've never seen Carrie, so I don't know.
I enjoyed high school. Not every aspect of it, but we were with a nice group of friends and we loved organising things at school. We did.

8) What was your best subject in high school? What was your worst?

Mathematics was my worst, some other subjects were far better.
Best: the languages.

9) Sam made good use of the bus ride to school, using that time to complete her homework. What do you remember about getting to or from school?

It was a long bicycle ride.
When my mom forbid me to wear denim, I got one from my gram. Half way I changed trousers at the home of a friend. So I always arrived at school looking up to date.

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