Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Girls and swimwear

I love my girls to bits.
And I value their way of dealing with fashion.

One likes to experiment. For a long time we thought she would study fashion, but she went to nursing school when she learned that during a recession people won't find work in fashion unless they're the very best of the world.

The other daughter was more moderate in her choice of clothes.

But swimwear...that's something else.
They want what's in fashion and they want the best.
Last week they found la blanca swimwear at aquabeachwear.com and since then they have spoken about nothing else.
Their friends have seen the site too and are just as enthousiastic.

And to be honest: I have seen some pretty bathing suits too.
I love them in one colour.
But the girls fall for the Kaleidoscope collection and the Rainbow Palm collection. Both designed for the summer of this year, both colourful and pretty.
So I have to say there's nothing wrong with their taste of fashion.

Because not all families of their group of girlfriends have the money for new swimwear immediately available some of the mothers have agreed not to give in and tell them to get a vacation job to pay for their new bikini's while the ones of last year are still good enough.
They wanted quality last year, meaning expensive clothes, that means it lasts longer than a year.

But I'm sure they'll find a way to get the new look of this year.
And some of the girls have younger sisters who would love the former swimwear.



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