Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Got a multiple-paged leaflet stating I had to wear a large sized t-shirt, so I went through all the moves of finding one.
The past months I've seen them all over the place, but last week I couldn't find one...anywhere.
But I fell for a very nice tunic, black with white city contours. Very nice fabric, perfect for the summer. Just leggings under it and ready.

Hb was not to keen to buy me a shirt for mother's day...that was the excuse for buying it, but a moderate expensive buy once a year should be possible. So I bought it anyway. Puh!

Then at home, the evening before the scan, I started to doubt my decision to wear it to the CT scan.
Plain nerves. Found me two old long-ish summer shirts and put those in the bag too.

Well, I arrived too early, was imemdiately referred to the scan department, was called in 4 minutes later.
She had a look at my ears and arms. "No jewelry". "Right, was in the leaflet."
"And do you wear a bra with iron?"
"No.. just an elastic top".

"Well, there's none to comment, so just walk in like you are and get it over with."

So I had to lay down, I just left my sjawl and mala behind, and was scanned.
Arms above me, breating in... in the circle, and out. Breating in...out of the circle...breating again.
Then she came in and told me she was also doing a round with breating out.
So she did.

And I could walk out of the hospital again.
Would have been nice to have all those scans, ultrasounds and other "few minute things" one after another.
It took me an hour to go to and fro, and about 5 minutes to be in.
On my way back I also got a good splash of rain.

But I've got my tunica...



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