Friday, April 12, 2013

You Belong with Me

1) Like the girl in this song, have you ever been in love with someone, but was afraid to tell them?

Yes, ofcourse. But waiting turned out to be very good. The guy grew into a real freak.

2) Taylor Swift has been known to write songs about her real-life lovers. If you were to write a song about the most recent person you were romantically involved with, what would the title be?

Too early, too long.

3) Ms. Swift recently turned 23 and has already won VMAs and AMAs and Grammys. What were you doing when you were 23? (If you aren't 23 yet, where do you see yourself when you hit it?)

Hmmm, 23. I was at university and was the youngest staffmember. Studying psychology and teaching methods and techniques of research. It was, apart from statistics, considered the most boring subject and my aim was to turn it into something really interesting. Imanaged to do so, so my boss gave me more and more space to work the way I wanted. It was a real joy.
Pity a recession came and I was, as the youngest, told to move on when they had to cut back in a very serious way on personnell.

4) When you were a child, did you sleep with a plush toy? (If yes, please include its name in your answer.)

I had a doll. Loesje.

5) I'm making a Starbucks run. What can I get you?

Never been to Starbucks. It's here now, since about 8 months, but I don't hear good stories at all.
So just pour me a coffee.

6) It was 60 years ago that Clarence Birdseye first marketed frozen vegetables. Now it's your turn: Share something you learned recently.

I learned recently .... eh..... eh.... that young people have a quite different approach of teamwork than we had in our days.
They work very methodologically, according to simple rules and brainstorming isn't brainstorming anymore. It's applying practical use of those rules. Thinking out of the box is hardly possible that way.

7) In junior high, were you class clown, teacher's pet, a geek, a jock ... or did you just melt into the background?

I was in the students board, schoolpaper and such, trying to make school a better place for everyone.

8) Was your most recent ticket for parking illegally or was it a moving violation?

To be ho9nest, I've never ever had a ticket.

9) Tell us about the last museum you visited.

Just the main museum of town.
It used to be a quite cosy place, now it was huge, white and glass, and even though I liked the collection, I didn't feel great there.
Wanted to use the space for a dance. But didn't dare.

Have a nice weekend!

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