Saturday, April 6, 2013

She's made a choice

Today one of my daughters went to audition for the fast track course to attent the dance academy.
I didn't expect her to get a place, because she's not very experienced in modern dance.
But she wanted to audition for her own reasons: to see what she needs to learn and if she's right she's way ahead with classical ballet. She also wanted to see of this part of the school is for her.

When she came back it was immediately clear that whatever the results, she won't go there.
"So childish!" was her first remark.

But she got the answers she wanted.
She's indeed very good at classical ballet.
And she's not that far behind with modern as she thought.

She also passed the physical, meaning she's bodily fit to be a ballet dancer.

So she was very content even though she wasn't admitted to the academy.

Ofcourse it's a disappointment.
But the chance of getting through was petite.

Now she's going to focus on her final examns and we'll have to see what plan B brings.

She's lucky there's time enough to make decisions for her future.
I think she needs to make them herself, but I try to assist as much as possible.
It's great to have all those different perspectives on the future.
Like you can conquer the whole world.


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