Friday, April 12, 2013

Practice makes a star

When one door closes another opens.
So even though I have to keep quiet I can have a good time.

No gardening at the moment, and no bagpiping either.
So I went upstairs and decided to practice guitar.

I'm the happy owner of one of the good alvarez guitars. Well, good, is not the right label: outstanding is better.

But I also have a rather good practice guitar and I took that one downstairs.
It's not very easy to play.
One simple mistake and one can hear it.
So it's perfect for practice.
And when I've finally managed the technique well, I'll work on the real one.

I'm very happy I was taught this way of practicing a long, long time ago by a very good mucisian.
He was in our town for a performance and I was the lucky girl who had to show him and his bandmembers around.
he liked it very much and wanted to do something back.
I didn't accept money, so he asked me if I played guitar.
By then I knew how to play a few chords. Nothing more.
He took the time to teach me for over an hour and I was delighted.

The value extended my whole lifetime.

"Practicing", he said, "is of the utmost importance.
So use a difficult instrument and then go to the best instrument and you'll play even better."

He was right.

So instead of sitting down and moan a bit, I'll practice a nice song and surprise my family in due time.



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