Monday, April 1, 2013


The past week I've been feeling unwell, as I thought due to bronchitis.
It's not strange this time of year.

Today one of my daughters had her audition at the dance academy and I went with her to bring her and wish her well.
I was very happy for her when she walked to the building.
It's completely unknown if she'll get through, but the opportunity to audition was her main goal.

When the car turned and we drove home, waiting for her call, I could hardly get enough air, and at home things didn't get better.

I finally decided I needed a doctor.

We tried to get a normal appointment at the doc, but there was no room. The lady who answered the phone is not a very kind woman and she didn't even inform why we needed the doctor. She should have asked.
Right at the spot I decided I didn't want another bad night, so I asked her to tell the doctor I had called.
No reason, just my name.
Right at that moment he walked into her room and asked who was on the line. She said my name and he repeated it with a huge questionmark and asked: Why does she need an appointment?
"Breathing problems?.
"Let her come in. I'll see her in between."

He send me straight after the examination to hospital for an x-ray.

Turned out I have pneumonia.

Well, finally I get something for free and it's pneumonia!



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