Monday, April 22, 2013

Parachute jumping

My second son took some more parachute jumps this weekend.
He just needs two more jumps for his diploma.

Yesterday evening he asked if it was OK for him to come and show photos and some movies.
Yes, ofcourse!

It was great to see him sit in the small airoplane and wait for his turn to jump.
One of the guys was hesitating, but my son just went like he'd done it thousands of times.

Yes, he is afraid that moment.
Yes, he realises it's plain stupid to jump from a plane in the sky just for fun.

But it's special to be a parachutist, just like his grandfather.
I think that's the main reason for doing it.

Initially he wanted to jump with a small parachute during the national remembrance day, but he´s now considering not to take the risk.
Each year young men are injured when they land on the uneven terrain, and he knows someone who got stuck with his foot in a rabbithole when he landed and he broke his leg in a very bad way.

It´s a pity he´s lost his dream, but on the other hand: he's still using his brains and weighs risks in a sound way. (Well, I'm a parent, so I value that most. LOL!)

I loved to see the world from the pespective of a parachutist.
It's amazing to see the whole world so tiny.
To be away from it in the silence and to be with yourself.



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