Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oops, not good.

Today I went to our family physician to have my lungs checked.
Had a firm course of antibiotics to deal with a pneumonia and i should be well and running by now.

Instead I'm tired, relatively breathless, unless I do absolutely nothing, and sleeping is crap.
Especially at the end of the afternoon I'm very tired and in need of a bit more air.

It's especially bothering me, because the weather is finally getting better and I feel like working in the garden and plant the new willow tree and try to enliven those roses.

I was lucky one of the boys drove me.
The doc was not happy with my right lung. Not enough breathsounds.
So I was referred to the hospital for emergencyblood tests.

The nurse told me they would be ready within the hour, so when i didn't hear from my doc two hours later I expected him to call the lungspecialist.

Turned out he did.

The bloodtests came back clear.

The x-ray, made when I had pneumonia, was a bit too clouded and diffusely clouded for a pneumonia alone so the lungspecialist wants to see me.
Not tomorrow, as in an emergency, but straightaway next week.

So I have to stay quiet until then.
He didn't say not to worry.

Well, I have beent thinking I might have COPD for a while now.
I don't smoke at all and none smokes in the house here, which is a rule as old as 25 years, but there are ofcourse other bad influences.
Like the fine dust in this area.

We're already looking around for a new place to live, but we're keeping it slow at the moment to give the girls all choice for their future. I don't want them to think they move too far from home or something like that.
When they want to study a bit more up north, we can move along with them if they want that.
So we're completely free in that.

And it's not the best time to move, financially.

It's interesting that more people around me are complaining of the air here. One of my sons and some friends and acquaintances said the past time they experienced itchy eyes, throat or even breathing problems after crossing the bridge over the channel here.

That's interesting, because one might expect clearer are when moving out of the city!

I hope we're able to have some time in the woods tomorrow or sunday. I feel better there.
And then we'll take it from there.
I'm lucky the children aren't small anymore and they don't require a mummy who runs around and is at 6 places, ànd near the laundry machine, ànd cleaning, at the same time.
They now want a mom who keeps her distance when they need it, is available when they need it, who keeps their clothes wonderful. LOL!

In fact they need practice to run their own household, so I'm sitting here with a smile.

I'm not a kind of panicky rabbit. I just want to know what's going on. That's it.

So all is fine.



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