Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It was "no"

She wasn't admitted to the dance academy, but was told that she should audition for the fast track course.
She lacks experience in modern ballet.

This didn't come as a surprise.
Most kids start with streetdance or such. She started with classical ballet.
She's very good with that.

But it's a completely different way of moving from modern dance.
She took lessons, but not long enough.

So on friday she'll audition to the fast track and at the same time sees if that's something for her.

I'm very glad I've always been very honest to her about the chances of getting through the auditions.
Turned out she didn't even get the chance to show how good she is in classical ballet.

I wish someone who can offer her a chance will read this blog.
She needs a fair old-fashioned chance.

Right now dance education in this country is far too much centred about what sells well to the crowds.
My daughter doesn't want to be kept bussy with an education, she wants to learn something and give good performances in return.

In the meantime my other daughter is thinking about how to say goodbye at the old people's home where she worked the past 10 weeks.
She has learned so much there and has had such a good time, that she thinks about spending her future as a nurse for the elderly. She never thought she would like it there. But she now says she's had the best time of her life there.

So we're in a time of massive changes to futures.



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