Monday, April 22, 2013

Handle nuts

It's spring, so that means going around the house and see what needs to be done.

There is ofcourse some paintwork necessary.
As always there are some dirty patches near the staircase.
And one of the doors needs to be painted.

Apart from that: some repairs need to be done.

One of the doorhandles needs to be renewed, the handle of the downstairs tap doesn't work smoothly anymore, and at the attick some handle nuts need to be replaced.
I knew that last autumn, so I've taken the opportunity to have a good look around and decide which material would be best.
I've decided for malleable iron handle nuts.
But even then there's a choice, between zink plated ones and plain iron ones.
That's not a difficult choice, considering some people are allergic to zinc. So it narrows the choice down to the plain iron ones.

All I have to do now is measure the size and order them online.
My friend needs some for her attick too, so we'll order them all in one go.

It's easier that way.
Saves shipping costs and only one of us needs to be at home when they're delivered.
My son doesn't mind to be at home for the delivery.
He likes the mailman a lot, especially since he knows the guy has an autistic son too.
The mailman always takes a few minutes to talk with my son about his computergames.

So those handle nuts will be welcomed with enthousiasm here.



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