Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Better health... or urgent referral to cardiology?

Thanks for all the well wishes.
I feel a lot better.

Ofcourse I'm still very curious about the results of the CT scan and the cardiologist.
The CT scan is at the 15th of May, the cardiologist...I don't know.
Should be before the 4th of june.

But Im eating again, and I can do things again.
My breathing is nearly normal.
The heartfrequency is down to a 100 per minute in rest, which is not OK yet, but almost normal. Not for me, for the statistics.
And that's what dealing with unknown doctors is all about, isn't it?

I still haven't had the date of the appointment in the mail.

On the site of the horpital it said that a referral of one of their own specialist would take about 6 weeks, and one from the family physician just 2.

Si I asked the informatio centre on that...by mail.
Got a mail back asking me to ring.

When they can be reached by mail, they should answer by mail.

Then I had to clarify my question. Like I asked something straight from an unknown language.
As a reply she asked for my personal details.

I said: "No. No need to give me preferential treatment. I just want to know there's a discrepancy from a month between those referrals." And maybe she could advice to ask my family doc for a referral or just go to the cardiologist of the other hospital in town.

When she mailed back she had gone to cardiology with my name, and she told me details only one who hads been in my files know.

Me oh my, did she put me in risk for an urgent cardiology referral!!!

Not only said I "no" to taking my details to cardiology, she also appeared to have spoken with someone there in detail about my medical history.
By law and professional code she's not allowed to.

I wish for once she had sticked to the rules.
She managed to mess up a while ago to, so it's someone who either doesn't care about law or is not able to learn.

Ofcourse I shouldn't have asked to explain me why an internal referral takes so much longer than an external one.

Oh, and I asked if they knew anything about the effect of the waitinglist on the health of the people on it.
She didn't know.

Well, I do now.



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