Monday, April 8, 2013

Antibiotics, and then?

So today I finished the package antibiotics I was prescribed.

The right lung which was not functioning well, is doing better.
I think.

But I still can't breathe freely.
Crackling, wheezing. I feel twice as old as I am.
My energy level is up, but far from 100%.

But I'm taking up the old jobs, so the piles of laundry are diminishing a bit.
Right now I'm happy with the large laundry machine. Get's the whole lot moved and done a lot faster.

Yesterday it was the first day the laundry could be moved outside.
Now the new lot is moving in the wind.
It smells so great when it comes in again. And it's so much softer.

Last night we had very low temperatures again, but from now on day- and nighttemperatures should be on the rise.
I'm looking forward to the arrival of spring.
Hope I'm better then.
Not all the roses I've bought survived, but some can be put in the ground.

Well, first see what the doc says about my lungs and make some healthy choiced for better diabetesmedication.
Let's renew!


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