Monday, April 15, 2013

A day at the hospital

Today I went to the lungspecialist.
I was quite glad to, even though I was a bit suspicious that there was no need to call the hospital, but that the hospital called me to come in. Being used to waitinglists ... And I had a mail on friday stating I could call for an appointment on monday 14.00 hours and later...
Just 10 minutes after that mail I had an appointment for the doc.

Well, I got a lady doc.
When I told her I had pneumonia the last week and still had difficulty breathing she told me that "at my age" it would take between 6 weeks and 3 months to feel the old self again.
(I didn't tell her that I don't mind grwoing and developing, but I want my condition back. LOL!)

She listened to my chest and said there were no deminished breathing sounds at the right, but enhanced sounds at the left.
I didn't say anything.

Then we sat down and she put one of those saturation metres on my finger. 98%, so quite well.
And then it was like she shot in the air.
"You've got a far too high heart frequency. All in all I suspect a lung embolism and you won't be able to go home unless I've ruled it out or treated it."

Well, as I have a risk of thrombosis...

She ordered a D-dimer test and some other blood tests and an ECG.

So I phoned home and told them I would be away for some time that afternoon and went to get the bloodworks done.
When I finally sat down there, she asked me name and birthdate and it turned out to be wrong on the paperwork.

Instead of phoning and faxing, I could walk back and get the right paperwork myself.
Considering the fact that I was breathing terribly it was worthy a formal complaint.

When I came back, I had to wait for several calls, as the phone presumably goes before medical urgency.
Then I was told to sit on the emergency chair, so I would be the first to be called in.
But they all just pressed the button to call someone from the main waitingroom and forgot the emergency chair.
When I realised this I went to the nurse I'd seen before when she finished a patient and she did the bloodworks.

After that I rushed to cardiology for the ECG.
I was breathing very shallow and fast.
I expected some waitingtime and I was welcoming it. But instead I had to go into one of those terribly small dressing rooms, get my t-shirt out and I was called in.
I had to lay flat on my back. I hate that, because of my bad back, and I never feel well.
My heart waas racing like cracy and laying flat I could hardly breathe.
She just popped those electrodes on and made the ecg.
It was not right at all, so she threw it away without saying anything and made a new one.

As it was urgency she popped it into my hands and made me go.
I nearly fell against the door as I almost fainted when I got off the bed, but none cared.

Then I had to walk through half of the hospital again to bring the print to the lungdepartment.
On my way I took a leaflet with a blanc back and sat down in the hall and wrote down the results of the ECG.
I was not happy at all with the results, even though I thought and think they're not very trustworthy.
I learned in the past that an ECG should meet some requirements to be valid and trustworthy and these requirements were not met at all.
On the other hand: one of the results suggested a diagnosis that is quite familiar. In fact it's the same heartdisease that caused my first daughter to die the second day after her birth.

But I've had x-rays a lot in teh past and never ever someone commented on it, so I couldn't believe it was right.

Nor did I believe by that time I had a lung embolism.
Walking through those long corridors of the hospital would have cause a shift of the embolism, I thought and that didn't happen at all. So...

Well, I delivered the ECG print to the lungdepartment and I was told to sit in the waitingroom. It was one of those white painted basement rooms without windows, with a few magazines and a coffeepot.
I didn't care for the coffee. I just wanted to go outside and sit in the sun.

So I said I would go out to the benches in front of the main entrance and enjoy the sun. I would be back by 4, because i didn't expect the bloodresults in any earlier.
She said she did.
I went anyway.

When I came back they were not in and it took another 10 minutes.

The ladydoc was very nice, which always makes me a bit suspicious. LOL!
I didn't have a lung embolism, so I was alloweed to go home.
She even said I was right I didn't have an embolism.

But the ECG was not right at all and suggested a heart disorder so I need to see a cardiologist. Yea, make an unltasound and see if there's hypertrophy...
And the lung x-ray was not right at all. If I have been in contact with toxic fumes or something like that? No.
She showed me the photo and it looked like fibrosis, I thought. So I need a CT-scan.

Then on top of it all I need all those asthma tests, because I always went to another hospital and they don't have a file at this hospital.

It will take ages before I know more: june 6th.

Untill then I have to keep quiet and live healthy. Well that second part is done already...

So I went home with difficulty breathing, without anything to help me....



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