Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yes, it was cold.

Yes, it was cold.
Those weatherforecasts were perfect.

We've had storm.

Yesterday night it was here about minus 10 degrees celcius, and somewhere else even minus 13.3!
A new record was broken.
Last night it was very cold too. I haven't seen the figures yet. I estimate it was about minus 7 with lots of moisture.

When I woke up there was a layer of snow. Just a centimeter. But it's March the 14th!!!!!

In the south of the country they had a good 10 cm of snow yesterday.
Here it was clear.

Now the sun is shining like it's summer....well, it looks like that from the room here.
Doors closed, heating on.

When you enter the outer world it's like stepping on the northpole. Brrr.

So we're still wearing our wintercoats, hats, and winterboots.
Boy, am I happy with those winterboots.
I can't sing the song of praise for them often enough.
For a bit more than 12 euro confortable boots, which are warm too.

But I want it to be spring now.
New leaves on the trees, working in the garden, windows open early in the morning.
The smells, the sounds.

How about you?



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