Saturday, March 23, 2013

Working an extra 8 hours

Today I took part in an international event called something like 8 hours overtime for a good cause.

The aim is to develop for a good cause something they really need but can't afford, like a logo, publicity campaign or something like that.

About 30 people took part in my town.
We had 4 good causes to work for.

My group was an interesting mix of people from all sorts of professions.
Funny thing was that I landed on a subject that I know a lot about: assisting people with special needs.
One of the group was able to use the brainstormsession to get inspired to make a new front page of a flyer. Which can also be used as a poster, for instance.

Well, I'm too tired to get into details.
But I can tell you this evening was very worthwhile.

We were cared for in the best way possible. Well, whenever does it happen that someone fills a cup of tomatosoup for me?

Our final creation was so good, that the woman who received it burst out in tears.
Tears of joy.

And now I'm off to bed...




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