Saturday, March 16, 2013

This week I bought a balance/balacing board

This week I bought a balance board/balancing board.

I've wanted one for years, but never found one I could afford.
I guess it was because I found them in shops which were meant for professionals.

Well, two weeks ago one of the supermarkets had them on offer.
I decided not to buy one, because they were still too much for me.
I left the shop with a strange feeling, because it was within reach, but we had other financial priorities.
They only had ten of them, so the shopowner wasn't expecting to sell them.

A few days later we had to buy something there, and 7 were left.
So they were selling rather well. Considering.

I nearly forgot about it, but when we went to buy bread I saw they were in the sales.
But again...still a bit too expensive.
We went on looking for what we needed, when my eyes caught a torn box.
It was a balanceboard-box with a still perfectly wrapped board in it, and a price-tag which made me put the box in the shopping car immediately!

I'm so happy with it!
In the box was a booklet with exercises, and on internet there are so many sites which provide ideas for using the board.
I also found out that those with grips can be used for even more exercises, and I have one with grips!

Lucky me!



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