Monday, March 11, 2013

That hospital doctor

Because he had to work at the time of the appointment they sent him by mail, he called and reschaduled.
If he didn't mind getting another doctor, it was OK by then.
So he got an appointment at a very convenient time.

After a wait of almost an hour, and the parking meter ticking the time away with pleasure for the council, I asked how long it would take.
When we arrived only two people were waiting, but by now the whole huge waitingroom was filled with people and many were called before us.

We were called in within 5 minutes, seated for a room, and called in after a minute or three.

A young doctor gave us a hand and told the patient to sit down in a chair, with his back towards me, so she could reach his ear.

Then she started to talk to his ear, which was stuffed with all sorts of things, so his bad ear.
he had been lucky she took the effort the day before to look through his files, so she saw he had been operated upon by someone else. She had phoned the guy and asked what needed to be done and he had told her.
He shouldn't have rescheduled, because he should have kept his appointment.

There was no means to shut her up or to say something as a reply. Like that the hospital threw an appointment on our doormat without even considering the possibility we might not be available.
She kept going on and on.
She even mentioned there would be a kind of small cottonballs in his ear. She missed to take one out with a former patient and then it got infected.
All in a kind voice that was trained probably in front of a mirror.

After about 10 minutes or maybe even more I told her kindly that the rescheduling was done with full cooperation of one of the secretaries. She suggested another doctor.
So maybe the hospital should be far more clear about which rules to follow when rescheduling.
Or maybe the appointment should have been made with the patient and not without the patient in the first place.

She first was surprised someone intervened. I said: this is not an attitude that should be displayed towards a patient. It flipped out, because she made me feel like in the old days when I was teaching at the medical department.
She was probably well trained in discipline, because she reacted like a student. Me oh my!

Then she started working.
And missed one cotton ball. LOL!

She counted the ones on the tray six times.

I thought it might be at the bottom of the ear, as she sat a bit too low to work relaxed.
Maybe too low to see it.

When she looked for the third time again the cotton ball was found: at the bottom of the ear.
Well, well.

Then she had to put gauze in the ear.
She used the wrong equipment: precision scissors. So each time she needed to get hold of the gauze, she couldn't.

No way we had time to talk to het about anything else.
I doubt if we wanted to.

And the parking meter? Don't talk about the thing. I was shocked!



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