Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paris is the place to be.

I'm not amazed my daughter and I sat down this afternoon and had a conversation about Paris.
It's very cold outside. Unusual for this time of year, and the sun is really inviting to go outside.
We wondered if the weather is better is Paris.

Last year she went there on a schooltrip and had a wonderful time.
The first thing she said when she arrived at home was: "I'll go back there."

I can understand it.
I visited Paris about 20 years ago, in spring, and I still remember being near the Louvre and hearing those special early morning sounds of Paris. Each city had it's own sounds, and Paris is not different.

It's funny that my daughter defines Paris not by hearing, but by seeing.
She has seen Paris in the evening and knows why the name, City of Light, is the crown on the city. She tried to make photos of the Eiffel Tower with all the lights on, but her camera couldn't cope with the lights. She's got the memories though, and she still smiles when she thinks about her days in Paris.

One of my sons went there too a few years ago.
He stayed with a family in a luxury appartment near the center of town and got the inside experience of daily life there.
A few weeks ago he looked online at parisluxeapt for Paris luxury apartment rentals to set himself a goal for the near future.
He wants to know more about the history of Paris which goes back as far as 4200 BC.
Knowing that he now lives in the oldest city of The Netherlands might add a smile on your face.

It's interesting that each person who has been to Paris has different feelings about the city.
Some love the nightclubs, others the museums. One of my rich friends love to shop there, as it's home of Haute Couture, and her husband just craves for bacquettes and wine.

Maybe Paris should be our summer-destination, and yours too.



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