Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our family and bicycles

We all have our own bicycle in our family.
That's not surprising in our country.

Kids are taught how to ride one at an early age and you can see people of all ages on them.
We have special socalled bicycle paths alongside our roads, or a special bicycle area at the roads.

We're used to flat tyres, failing lights and a lot more.

My father taught me how to repair my bicyles and I taught my kids the same.
But when I was young we seemed to have more time to spend on our bicycle.
Cleaning it was done every week.

Things are changed a lot.
The kids have less time to repair their bicycles and when they clean them the risk that it's stolen is a lot higher.

We all have experienced that we wanted to take a bicycle and that it was gone.
Two were even taken from our garden, and one was taken from the parking space at the local church. (Yes, that's a long time ago... We're not visiting that place anymore.)
I remember when I wanted to go home with a two year old and two full shoppingbags and the bicycle, including the kids' seat, was stolen. I was so angry. The thief could have seen it was from a mom!

The girls need good firm bicyles, because they have to carry a lot of books with them.
They should have a new one every year, but that's not possible.

The past weeks one of the girls had a lot of flat tyres, so we wondered if there was an irregularity in the wheel. Her brakes were causing problems too.

Well, she's lucky.

This afternoon one of the boys called.
He was at his work and one of the people there wanted to sell a bicycle. My son immediately thought it to be a good one for his sister and phoned us.
We said we agreed with him and told him to buy it.
Because things were arranged so fast, the guy who wanted to sell the bicycle lowered the prize.

Well, the thing is standing in the garden now.
Waiting for a good look at it, and maybe some repairs.
And certainly for a good time with my girl on the bicycle paths.



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