Saturday, March 16, 2013

Not descending

We live not very far from an airpost.
That means that at times we're bothered by airoplanes flying above us.
They're most of the time still very high, so it's more a psychological than a real problem.
The idea that one might drop out of the sky is scaring, but the chance it really might happen is very small.

This afternoon we were driving home.
(With that new bicycle on the back of the car.)

Suddenly I saw an airoplane flying rather low in an unknown direction.
I mean, it was not flying towards an airport.

I was saying something about it and digging my camera out of my pocket, when it suddenly made a sharp turn and flew towards the airport.
It was a strange sight.
Right at that moment my son, the photographer, phoned: "Mom, there's a plabe flying very low, and it looked like it's even descending more.
I could calm him. It was flying low indeed, but not descending more.
And, "Yes", I was taking pictures.

My camaera is far from what I need. It's a phone and it can't take any photos within 10 metres. So birthdayphotos and such are blurred and hazey. But the "far from the camera" shots are rather OK.
So it's possible to do some research when I see the photo. Find out which kind of plane and such.

the plave fluw low, and at a certain moment it looked like there wqas smoke coming from one of the wings.
It might have been due to the conditions in the sky, though.

Furthermore: the sky looked strange and there was a rather cold wind blwoing. Maybe there were such low temperatures near earth that the plane had to fly low.

I tried to find out more by searching the site of the airport and asking people.
But I could get no information at all about a plane in problems.




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