Saturday, March 16, 2013

Next on my list: the banjo.

Those who know me know I love making music.
Not karaoke, but playing an instrument.

You can find musical instruments everywhere in my house.

On the table in the livingroom there's a whistel that has the same settings as a bagpipes.
It enables me to practice a melody immediately when I hear it.
It's a nice flute with a mellow sound so the neighbours won't cling to their chairs like they do when I play the highland bagpipes. LOL!

Upstairs I've got a few guitars.
And an old three stringed kind of violin.
It creates a very deep sound, which was used at the beginning of the last century for healing. Just like the fibration of bowls is used for healing now.

When I was young I wanted to play each and every instrument on the world.
I now know that's impossible.

But I still have a few instruments on my list that are one way or another within reach.

I can shop goodtime banjo online, I recently found out. It's great to know the realisation of a dream is within reach.
Why the banjo?
Because the sound is very special and because there are quite some funny songs that only fit banjo music.
It's time for some highly entertaining music.



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