Saturday, March 16, 2013

Money and retirement

It's like the elderly are a burden to society.
we're presented this way in the media of my country and yesterday I heard the same from people in a political program in British TV.

It's like we have done nothing in our lived than wetting nappies and now we claim a good pension too.
Come on!

We've worked many years, paid towards our pension and insurances, and now the recession is troubling us in many ways we're told there's not enough money available for old age.
I wonder why we've spend out time researching the way we need to guarantee an income during our last years,
AnnuityAdvantage and all those special terms one knows nothing about when one is young.

During the accumulation phase we worked very hard not to be a burden to society. Now it's near the payout phase we stare poverty in the face, because state pensions are lowered, costs have increased and will increase even more.

Im so glad we didn't keep our money in an old sock, but asked expert opinion about the best way to deal with our pension and tax issues.
But what to do now? Change it all into a life insurance policy, in an endowment policy, or something else?
Ask an immediate payout, or just a regular income?

All I know is that more expert advice is needed. More than ever we need to be aware of the influence of tax payments on our pension and on the inheritance.



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