Monday, March 25, 2013

I, a paranormal?

My son and his girlfriend wanted me to come with them to a jewellery fair.
I think their hidden agenda included giving the mothers-in-law to be the opportunity to meet each other in a relaxed setting.
It's the way I arranged to meet his girlfriend too.

Not sitting up and performing during a coffee drinking session on the couch, with everyone looking at each other, not knowing what to say. We just went shopping. Not too long. But long enough to get a simple idea about the other person.
The next time she visited at a birthday and just melted in the company.

So now it was my turn to meet someone who doesn't live too far away, but just far away enough to use another shopping centre. Otherwise we would have met already.

So we went looking for beads and bits and pieces to make jewellery.
The whole event was a double one.
The second half was a paranormal fair. All kind of clearvoyers sitting at tables collecting 15 euros for about 10 minutes of telling what they saw in coffee, hands, sand. Some were laying the Tarot or other cards. And a few just "knew everything" and even were able to speak with people in the here-after.

I felt sorry there was no-one drawing angels. MIL and I agreed we liked that most. The soft coloured flowing drawings are most of the time very beautful, no matter if they depict real angels or not.

We went to one of the clearvoyers.
He was able to see a lot in a hand.
When it was my turn he took my hand, hardly looked at it and told me I was tired.
Well, everybody could have said that.
Even more: I sat there with my shoulders forward in one of those typical asthma positions and heypresto! He told me I might have lungproblems.

He didn't see my shoulders were aching, nor that I was hungry. LOL!
Well, he tried his best, but whatever he told my son was wrong. Completely wrong.
And he kept on talking and talking, so no-one would comment in a proper way and no-one could ask questions.

MIL wanted to go to another session, so we went to an english guy with a very nice woman who translated everything. They were able to bring people to tears.
I was able to see some patterns in the way they dealt with people. Very interesting.

Ofcourse they didn't pick me as one of their subjects.
I don't mind. The other guy said I was paranormally gifted, someone said it 30 years ago, but most my best futuretelling is about which kids will like dinner and which won't.

We ended out rip with buying some beads. I loaded a very samll bags with very small beads for 2,50 and had one of my daughters all happy and bright with them.

I expected that.



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