Monday, March 4, 2013

He's had surgery

As long as I know him he's had earproblems.
He didn't hear everything, and he had problems with psoriasis in his ear.

I got used to saying everything at least twice, got used to speaking clearly and if possible when he's looking at me.

Because there have been so many developments in hearing aids I urged him to go to his doctor again.
He didn't want to.
But his hearing was so bad that we had the feeling we'd better mail him even when we were in the same room.

So he went a few months agao.

He was diagnosed with bad hearing and a small earduct.

Treatment was a good option to them, and it started with widening the earduct.
He had his surgery last friday.

Ofcourse he thought it would be something very nasty and claimed a lot of care and pain before he even went to hospital. It went that bad that I told him that he wasn't going to give birth through his ear, nor would he have such a long scar as I have (straight over my abdomen from left to right.).
Putting his surgery into perspective silenced him a bit.

Well, they were very kind before the surgery.
He had to be in hospital at 7.00 hours in the morning and went to the OR at 8.15, so no need to be without food all day, or be stressed by waiting.

Not everything went OK.
His surgery did, but his heartaction lowered a few times, so they kept him near the OR for a few more hours... without telling me anything. So the stress was mine.

He had no pain, no other problems and has recovered well ever since.




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