Saturday, March 16, 2013

Healthy snacks

It's interesting that the kids here focus on healthy eating whereas in the media it's said that young people don't care about it.

Maybe it's due to the fact that one of them studies healthcare, and another one wants to become a balletdancer.
Or maybe it's because I cook healthy and have told them that healthy snacks taste better than the regular bags of greasy baked potatoes.
I think that all those strange new chips are creating an adverse reaction too. Like the taste of french fries with ketchup. It tastes like old clothes, and doesn't even resemble the french fries taste.

I'm proud my kids follow their own taste and are not feeling ashamed to take to school what they like best: bare fruit snacks.
They remember me of the apple slices I used to make with my gram. We used to take special apples, clean them, slice them and hang the slices to dry in the air.
It was a way to preserve the apples, but also a way to save the nice taste for the days when there was no harvest of apples possible.
Later a friend from the tropics gave me dried banana slices. Their taste was delicious too.
But making those dried fruit slices was very time consuming.

The girls discovered last week an online warehouse that sells healthy snacks.
Because they remembered me telling the stories of the past about dried fruit, they ordered fruit chips.
Well, they were a huge success!
The taste is heavenly and as a mom I like the fact that it's clear where the taste comes from. Not from chemicals, but from organic cinnamon, apples from a farm that is specified, etcetera.

Some friends of the girls need gluten free food. They always face problems that products don't taste as well as normal products. They tried some gluten free products and were impressed.

So, apart from my autistic son, no overweight kids here.



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