Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hair brushes and twins

The past weeks the twins are changing a lot.

They're each on different sides of life, regarding to school and profession.

For one the final exams start soon.
She has made important choices for her future.
Training a lot for the auditions of the dance academy has made her feel more confident. She's also changing in her face to a more mature person. She used to have lovely, very long hair, which she cut to shoulder-height a few months ago.

The other one is traning as a nurse and she has found out she liked caring for the elderly. And they like her.
She is changing too.
Her looks are very different from those of her sister. She's not very tall, but she doesn't mind. She still likes life to be easy.
Si she decided to cut her hair too. Not to look the same as her sister, but because her hair bothers her at work. She had the most beautiful curly long hair I've seen. Last week she decided to cut it to shoulder's length.

I thought the whole hair changes would mean less fuzz about hairs in the house, combs and brushes, shampoo and conditioner.
I was wrong. They still have their own wishes.

Yesterday I was told I needed to buy them each a mason pearson hairbrush.
They're lucky I grew up in the family of the national champions hairdressing. I know a brush is not a brush, but a piece of equipment for treating your hair with respect.
My grandmother's mom got one straight from London as a present for the birth of her daughter in 1898. And since then all the women in our family are taught all the benefits of a good hairbrush.
So know the knowledge has reached my daughters without me telling them the name of the best.
They found out, thanks to internet.



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