Friday, March 15, 2013

Dry skin problems. Please give advice.

I've always had a relatively dry skin. It didn't bother me much, unless after a bath, doing the dishes or such. A simple cream would solve the problem.

I remember my gram using cream the same time as I did, or vice versa. :)

I was happy with any cream, but during the years the manufacturers have changed the contents.
One of may favorite brands changed into a bad smelling greasy stuff, others didn't do their job anymore for longer than a few minutes. I even had to find out that I became allergic to some after the formula was changed.

The past years the problem has become worse. I guess it's due to age.
The skin on my arms has become dryer too.
And after wasking up or washing my hands they're so dry they get hooked on fleece and such and feel irritated.
The skin around the nails breaks, causing little wounds.

Because of the diabetes it doesn't heal at all times as well as it should.

I can do with some good advice.
Using gloves is not an option, not is hanging my hands in a greasy liquid at evening.
Been there, done that.

But something affordable?



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