Friday, March 15, 2013

Best mattress.

Sleeping shouldn't be a problem, but for many people it is.
I'm one of them.

I've never spend much time sleeping.
Falling asleep is a problem. I'm a real evening person and I like the silence of the night. It makes me creative.

In addition: I sleep very light. So when a child needs me I'm there.

But the main problem is that I can't find a good position to sleep because of my hips.
They hurt during sleep, after sleep, or at both times.

I think a memory foam mattress would be the best option for me.

Right now the wooden bed base needs replacing.
Last week I saw one that might fit, but we had no transport.

Right now I've got a yoga mattress on the bed and it helps a bit.
I also go to sleep when I'm really tired, so there's no need to turn a lot before falling asleep.
The alarm always goes early, so when I'm awake early.
This keeps a regular sleep-routine.

I'll also visit my family physician again because I want to keep a close watch on my hips.
Everybody needs healthy sleep to prevent further problems, so a new mattress will be bought soon.


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