Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another mistake of the pharmacy

The past years we've had to deal with quite a lot of problems caused by the pharmacy.

I have to check everything, including the name on the stickers.

Last week the psychiatrist of my autistic son wrote a recipe for two meds.
As he needs 2 tablets of one kind and 1 of another kind, it's simple. Just multiply everything with 90.
So that's 180 of the first kind and 90 of the second kind.

So guess what we got.



OK. Wrong!!!!

180 of the first kind and 86 of the second kind.

I tried to mail the pharmacy.
Wrong mail on the site.
But I still had the mail of the boss there, so...

Then I wanted to answer a questionnaire about the site.
Not possible, unless I spend half an hour on giving private information.
So I gave up.

Now we're waiting for the reaction of the pharmacy.
We suggested they deliver the missing tablets.

I'll let you know when they arrive.



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