Friday, March 15, 2013

A new way to process the paper.

Life is interesting.
I've left our local paper in favor of an online one, but the past weeks I've felt it to be a pity that no one uses the options I know to ease the whole production process of the printed paper.

I was called yesterday by another paper, which is local to a friend, and they wanted me to come over to inform them about options to modernise their paper, so they would need less volunteers, less time, and less money.

We had a very good and efficient meeting in which I explained a lot about what I see their best web print solution. It streamlines the whole process according to their wishes and needs.
One of the most interesting features is that it saves on overhead costs because at any moment the person who is in charge and everyone else can see what needs to be done and at what stage the process is.

They were very impressed by the fact that all orders and any other paperwork is integrated in the digital system. So it's far more environmentally friendly, it saves office- and archive space and money.

It's also far more easy to receive and work on orders for their print shop.
No matter how large the orders are, there's no extra work involved, because the computer can deal with it.

In a time that not many people are available to work at a volunteer paper solutions of this kind are worth to be subsidised, don't you think?



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