Saturday, February 9, 2013

Notes behind a paper: door closed

Today I had a day out and when I arrived home I was told there was a nasty mail in my mailbox from my friend of the paper.
One of my sons was all over the top and planned to resign.

I read the mail and resigned immediately.

First I was manipulated to get the online paper free form the printed one, and now my friend....once my friend.. stated doubt of my integrity.
I know he wanted to get rid of the printed paper, but I didn't think he would deal with matters this way by compromising my good name.

He knows where he can hit me most and he used the knowledge.

So I resigned.

The past week we had a good boardmeeting.
There I stated he should be told to leave, but the others wanted to go about ina more friendly way.
They outnumbered me.
So they numbered me out as reality has shown.

Starnagely I can't be bothered a lot.

I'm disappointed a friend would act like this, and ofcourse I've got a lot of emotions about loosing what used to be a good friend. But I've experienced in life before that people are with you for a limited time of life and then go their own way.

I now need 500 dollars to get the online paper registered as a business, and then I can do what I like most: make a paper with people with special needs, from out of their own neighbourhood.
Im looking forward to it, but I need some donations and some business advice.

First I will finish my tasks at the paper from my own home.



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