Thursday, February 7, 2013

New directions in care

I'm gad that finally there's a discussion about care starting in our town.
I mean care for the elderly, handicapped and others with special needs.

The government is cutting back on finances in a huge way.
And they're bringing organisation from national level to local level.

Due to cutbacks family, friends and people from the neighbourhood should jump in and take part of the care for others on their shoulders.

Most of the discussion is by people who are used to organising things, but who don't understand a bit about the real issue of care: human contact.

When they have no care tasks themselves they talk so easy about everything.

Like last evening.
Someone said what any others said: people should get used to people with secial needs in their social environment.

They were quite surprised I said that maybe the people with special needs need extra support too, because they feel less than others and are not always used to being accepted.
Never ever dud they see problems from the perspective of the person who needs care.

And I didn;'t even tell them there will be a moment tehir neighbour will need to take them to the toilet and shower. LOL!


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