Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Missing hours in her final year

When my daughter won't pass her final exams it might be due to missing hours of education in her final year.
The past weeks the flu hit our town, and our family ofcourse, resulating in teachers cancelling their lessons and leaving the students without proper education.

I consider it the responsibility of school to rearrange the schedule in such a way that the students who are heading towards their exams have the most lessons.

Well, this school doesn't do that.

So this week my daughter faced an early morning of one lesson, three cancellations, and two lessons.
So that means she missed half of the lessons she's entitled too.
Meaning she won't get the preparations kids from other schools get.
And as she's dyslectic, you can understand my feelings.

We try to help her as much as possible.
One of our friends is a teacher of science and the final year, and he takes a lot of time to help her.
But discussing problems with fellow students is different.

Ofcourse my daughter uses the spare hours to study, but due to her dyslexia hearing explanations in the classroom has much more effect than learning by reading.

So guess what mom is going to do?
Yep... ask questions once more.

Oh, how will life be when there's no school anymore?



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