Tuesday, February 19, 2013

His surgery

The father of the children has always had hearing problems.
It was said they were due to loud noises at beatconcerts in his young years, but I seriously doubt it.
His parents talked loud and clear, like they were used to his hearingproblems and unconsciously adapted to them.

Well, the past years his hearing got worse, as might be expected with advancing age.
Often he hardly heard what people were saying and he filled it in in his own way: by guessing, which often caused hilarious situations.
I bet you can imagine that. Someone understanding: there's a bee, when there's said: he's three.

It took quite a lot to make him go to his doctor again.
He had already given up.
I think he liked it quiet. LOL!

Well, after some huge irritations...a lot of them,.. he finally went and was send to the specialist in the hospital.

It was decided he woud get surgery to widen the entrances of his ears before trying out an hearing aid.

This week he has to go to hospital twice.

Tomorrow for blood tests and such, including a meeting with the anesthesiologist.
And friday for a pre-op hearing test and some other examinations.

It's expected that the surgery will be on march 1.



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