Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Losar

Losar Tashi Delek!

I wish everybody who celebrates the Tibetan New Year a good new year.

Most Tibetans, however, won't feel this day as a celebration, just as a turn of the page of the calendar.

So many crimes against humanity are committed in Tibet that it hurts my heart.
It's worse than my parents and grandparents experienced here under the German occupation, and that says something.

I don't understand that so little attention is given to the oppression the Tibetans have to suffer.

Other hotspots on the world are immediately crowded with journalists and human rights people. That's maybe the difference. Those people aren't able to get into those areas of Tibet that suffer the most.

I think it's time that all those missing will get a face.
Like the mothers of the Plaza del Mayo, the white mothers, we should wear white and the photos of Tibetans who have disappeared.
On the other hand, it will make the Tibetan people suffer even more.

What's wisdom?

So it's not happy new year, but more an invitation for new viewpoints and new visions on how to deal with the terrible things happening there.



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