Friday, February 8, 2013


The past weeks a lot of discussion was on TV and radio about the small earthquakes in the north of the country due to winning gas.

Yesterday evening I was just ready to leave for bed, there was a buzz on people had felt a shock.
Soon many reported the same, even though it was past bedtime.
Almost an hour later a second shock followed.

Those were not earthquakes like those felt in other parts of the world. Just 2.7 and 3.2.
The first one wasn't even recorded on international seismographic sites.

But it was a nice gesture of nature towards the discussion about gaswinning.
It seemed to underline the report which was issued last week, stating that due to gaswinning more severe earthquakes can be expected in the near future.

This morning we got some very interesting newitems about it.
One, rather rich person, claiming age old wooden poles through the home were split.
They were all split the same,,, which seemed strange.

well, I'm glad I'm not an insurance expert. LOL!

In case you wonder if we have eathquakes in the part of the country were I live.

I felt two earthquakes. One of them of a magnitude of 4.5 on the scale of Richter.
Frightening, but very interesting.

Those were probably due to coalmining of the past.


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