Friday, February 22, 2013

Cold friday

It's like winter will never end.

Yesterday a cold eastern wind was blowing.
It went through every corner of the house.

I've had the flu with everything that could be expected, including muscle ache.
And I was very tired. Slept a lot of hours during the day too.

Today is the first day that starts with me feeling better.

A friend asked if I had regrets because I didn't take the flu shot this year.
No, I don't have regrets. Especially not after reading an article in which the writer stated that only a few older people were protected against the flu. If I remember well he said 9%.
That's not much, and certainly not enough.

This weekend the forecast says: snow.
I don't know if we have the car. Our son needed it for his work, so...

Well, I have to go to bed and sleep a few hours, because tomorrow th day starts early.

At 5.15 one of the girls wakes up, and if she doesn't I have to wake her up to make her be in time for her practical training as a nurse.




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