Monday, February 4, 2013

Change of direction

Finally we managed to get together with the board of the paper.
People with full agenda's shouldn't be part of a board like that.

I prepared the agende elaborately, so everything that I knew needed to be said about a subject I already wrote down.

I also wrote a letter to the board stating decisions needed to be made.

Interestingly, they all said they received the paperwork too late and didn't read it.
Surprisingly, the decisions that needed to be made were made very fast.
No reading? Don't fool me!

Well, there was not one word about me leaving the board, except me stating that I didn't want to accept bullying of people in any way. I'd rather leave.

The new direction the paper should be going was finally accepted by the board member who's longest at the paper.
He first didn't want to acknowledge we were right that a new vision was important.
But then he was confronted with his inability to make decisions and he should accept the fact that he couldn't look into the future and be sure of the outcome, but that the old ways were bad for the paper... so...

Even though we tried to be strckt with the time we needed a new evening to discuss matters.... Will that take months too?



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