Friday, February 22, 2013

A local printer

Ofcourse my work at the paper just goes on and on, even after I left.

One of the people who has been working there for years also left, and none even considered talking about a present, let alone taking steps to organise a proper thank-you.
I had to remind them.

The same about asking information about local printing companies.
Printing the paper was taken out of town about 13 years ago, and none before me even considered the idea that it might be a lot more cost- and time-efficient to print the paper closer to the office.

Now they sent the content and lay-out by mail to a printer.
They're not seeing any print-proofs, let alone they can correct any overseen mistakes.
It takes three hours by car to get the paper here in town.

It took me ten minutes to find out there's a printer just around the corner, who can deal with last minute changes, provides a lot more service and doesn't cost has much as the other printer does.

Ofcourse I've got the advantage that I grew up in a family of printers and bookbinders.
So I know what they're talking about and I know when a printer is asking too much.
Well, this one is the perfect one for the paper.



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