Sunday, January 13, 2013


Last year I wanted a pocketwatch with an image of bagpipes, thistle or scotland. I couldn't find one and I still have that emtpy space in my drawer where i should have one.
I saw other theme watches enough, like masonic watches.

I love clocks and watches.

My gram had a large cuckoo clock in the hall and a smaller one in the livingroom. It was fun to set them in such a way that at 12.00 hours they cuckood after another.
I had one in the livingroom too and told people not to call me at 11.00 or 12.00 hours because of the clock.

My collection of packetwatches is slowly growing and when you want to add to it, please let me know.
I like the ones with a history most. They have more to tell than the time.
But I've got also some that are very nice to look at.
Once in a while I take one to a meeting.
People are always very interested. Watches catch a lot less attention, unless they're very special. maybe because we all use them and pay less attention to how they look than to the time.

I also had a few pendant watches, but I never use them anymore.
Why? Don't aks me, I don't know.
Maybe because they're heavy and can get damaged when I'm behind the computer and they touch the desk.
Maybe because there's a time indication at the computer and I don't need another time instrument.

Time itself is always important and the way one keeps informed is very personal, I have learned that. Watches don't need to be, but can be an expression of lifestyle and fashion. That's why I collect them.



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