Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trouble in paradise

Well, I'll leave the paper unless someone asks me to stay.
But none will.

My friend isn't motivated to keep it alive.
But he'll rather let it die than give it to me.

That's painful.

I'll move the online paper. I started it and I will take it with me. No discussion possible.

I managed to get someone in for the funds. And I'll hand him over a list of organisations that provide subsidies. The paper won't get them without me. I'm the one who works with the people with special needs, and the money comes for them. the paper profits from it.

My trainee did well. She will give them an overview of what people who work there think about the paper and how motivated they are since my friend is back. So they'll have some positive advice from a stranger. They won't care when it comes from me.

I feel sad about it all.
Feel I've invested a lot of time and energy in something well worth it, but others won't invest.

My friend thinks he can run the paper by being unkind and negative.
I don't want to be at such a workplace.

Such a pity!!


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