Friday, January 11, 2013

Those birds

My friends know that I come to a complete stand still when the geese are flying.
They touch my heart and make me long for freedom so deeply. I have no words for it.

A few days ago I suddenly heard them right between all the noises of a busy family.
I think three kids were talking all at the same time, the potatoe-water was boiling, meat was baking with those sharp sounds, and still I heard them through the closed door.

Within a moment I was outside and there they were.
A large sharp V in the sky, the last ones flying to the font and taking over the lead without even changing the rhythm of their wings.

And the calls..the calls...

A few hundred meters behind them a second group flew.
Just 5 of them, like they were still playing when the others left the fields and realised too late that they needed them.
It was kind of fun.
They wanted to stay in V formation, but were so much in a hurry to reach the others that it was a complete mess.

A few hours later more large groups went above our house.

"Finally, the cold is coming, we're getting a winter after all."
I said it to myself, but I realised it was time indeed to fetch the warmer gloves and cardigans.

Those birds...

They make my heart open up and fly a bit with them.


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