Saturday, January 12, 2013

The smiling baby

I was sitting in the waitingroom at the railwaystation when a couple with a baby in a pram came in.
The mother sat beside me, the father went for a coffee.
The baby was looking to the ceiling, making some babysounds.
It sounded very sweet.

Then he started to cry, but stopped all by himself.

He looked at the people on the bench one by one with rather a blanc face.
Then he caught my eyes and smiled.
He didn't just smile, he moved his head from side to side from joy.

I started reading again.
When I looked up he was again looking at the people on the bench.
Again he caught my eyes and smiled friendly to me, like he was telling me something.

The same happened for a third time.

Then their train arrived and they went.
When the pram came by and he caught my eyes, he smiled once more.

It still makes me smile.
Such a lovely little kid.
Such a gorgeous experience.


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