Sunday, January 13, 2013

The most beautiful guitar

Many years ago I had a very nice time with a musician just before an open air concert.
My girls were still very little, maybe 3 or 4, and one of them showed huge interest in the drums.

He asked us to come on stage and called the drummer.
He explained the drums to my daughter and the guy who asked us explained the guitar to the other girl.
He had her play on it...her own way. The instrument was larger than she was, so I'm surprised she didn't become a chello player.
I thanked him for the courage to hand the guitar over to such a little girl. He said he needed a new one anyway.

I followed his carreer for a few years, then life forced my attention to other things.

The past week I was attending a ballet performance and there he was.
We looked at each other and smiled.
After the performance he asked me to come over to a rehearsal the next day. I gladly went there.

I got a cup of coffee and I asked him if he had bought a new guitar.
he showed me a wonderful white one and said it's the best ibanez artcore ever.
We laughed about the use of the word "ever". "To me", he said, "ever lasts until someone is able to come up with a better one. Don't expect that to happen soon."

The rehearsal was great. Should be, as they had a large concert the next day in one of our main concert halls. With the most beautiful guitar I've ever seen.


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