Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snow... yes?

We've had such a grey and dark winter until last week, that I nearly jumped from joy when I saw the sun and felt it on my skin.
Me oh my, was that good.

Instead of needing to switch the lights on at the middle of the afternoon dreaming about spring and looking how to change the garden. I even thought about sowing a few things in bowls inside the house to get early flowers.

But now winter has finally come.

This is the first real freezing night.
The freshness is as good as a peppermint.
My lungs feel revived, because the air is clean and not as moisty as it was for so many weeks.

yesterday I was in a different part of the country, more north, and I saw some patches of ice on the canals.
Today people are talking about the first ice skating races tomorrow evening.

I saw white fiels and trees that where white lines.
Sooo beautiful!
It was a pity the windows of the train were grey from dirt.

Whe even had some snowflakes on our noses. Little ones and just a few.

Today we saw snowflakes here too. It snowed a little bit just for a short while.

But more is expected and I can't wait.
I know it's bad for the drivers and others who need to be on the roads, but I love it.


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