Saturday, January 12, 2013

Murder in our neighbourhood

It has always been very quiet in our neighbourhood.
Especially in the street where we live.
Not many cars, women working during the day.
There have been years I was the only mom available during the day.

I remember being pregnant and worrying about what might happen. The hospital is rather far away when you don't have a car.
So I've always been lucky that no emergencies happened.

At the end of last month my son suddenly called me and asked me if I had been reading stuff on internet. No.
Then he told me a murder had been committed in the street behind us, at the other end.
or at least it might result in murder, because the person had lost so much blood....

So I took my presscard and went there.
The police had arrived already, we were told to stay aside, and ofcourse we got no information at all.

One of my sons, the one who is security guard, went with me for my safety. The other one, the photographer was doing his job behind the lines.

It was in the middle of the night and the press informer of the police was not yet there.
Well, he didn't arrive at all.
So I gathered my information from the people standing there, almost all from the neighbourhood, and was able to get a rather clear picture from what happened.

I didn't feel very confortable to sleep, knowing a murderer was walking around.


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