Saturday, January 12, 2013

Making hats

During the Christmasseason I made two hats.
I used felt I found in the shops.
One part was meant to be put in the length of the christmastable.
It was wide enough to give a hat enoguh height.
And it was firm enough to stay firm for a long time.
I found out it was not made of wool, but from fleece. But it looked like old fashioned felt, so it served it's purpose.

The top I made from layers of real felt, made from high quality wool.
I found it in the hobby department of the local supermarket, lowest shelf, for a price that was far below I ever expected.
I guess someone thought it to be a useful children's hobby material.

To get a special effect I took several layers and stitched them on the lower part in such a way that one can see the different colours.

The bottom of the hat was folded in the width a bit back in a corner-like fashion. That part can be put on front and I can attach a pin or something else on it.
At christmas I made a christmasstar on it and got many compliments.

The other hat is more of a hairband. With an open top and the top rim folded back.

I've always wanted to make hats and I even wanted to get a proper education how to do it.
Well, I loved making these and when I can sell them to the local hat shop I will make some more.


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